Egyptian essential oils comprehensive training (22)

EMAP held training for 14 small scale essential oils producers from Upper Egypt aiming at raising the quality of production of essential oils to meet the international export markets and hereby increase the exports of Egyptian essential oils products.

The training which lasted for a week from November 26 to December 5, 2014 focused mainly on production, harvesting, post-harvest, quality, value addition and marketing of Essential oils.

The trainees were introduced to the best ways of cultivation and production, integrated pest management, the extraction and distillation, analyzing the components of essential oils, the biological and medical effects of essential oils, the essential oils value chain and the problems it faces, besides the access of essential oils to export markets.

In addition to the theoretical training, the attendees also paid field visits to farms of medicinal and aromatic plants and factories of Essential oils so as to gain hands-on experience.

After the training, the trainees were more open to the latest Essential oils techniques, eager to apply what they have learnt during the training and encouraged to attend more international exhibitions.