Jeff Allen during his visit to distillation factory

Jeff Allen, an international expert in distillation of essential oils, conducted a mission organized by EMAP in Egypt from 13 – 21 December 2014 during which he was able to give technical support to essential oils producers to enhance their production capacities and hence be able to meet international export markets criteria.

Allen paid visits to twelve small and medium enterprises, mostly in Beni Suef which is considered as the most popular governorate producing essential oils in Egypt. He succeeded to introduce essential oils producers to new extraction and distillation techniques, and work on improving their manufacturing practices, so as to end up having high quality products with minimum costs.

During his visit, Allen conducted training to EMAP team during which they were able to gain the know-how of newly applied models in essential oils production.

Allen gave certain guidelines and recommendations to be implemented by essential oils producers in specific time intervals and agreed on paying another visit to Egypt in June 2015 to follow up on the applied methods.