Following EMAP mission to Food Ingredient Europe & Natural Ingredient exhibition (FI Europe & NI, December 2011), EMAP team identified 5 product development ideas of increasing demand in international markets. The 5 ideas were discussed with Egyptian MAP producers to select the most relevant ones from industrial perspective & in accordance to the Egyptian context. Two out of the 5 ideas were selected: Stevia & Frozen Herbs, for which detailed techno-economic studies were developed. Stevia is one of the most potential sweeteners that is highly demanded worldwide for its nutrition & health benefits. Following the publication of Stevia study, EMAP organized a technical mission to Egypt for an international Stevia expert to transfer knowledge & experience on Stevia production-for-processing purposes to Egyptian producers & in alignment to the Egyptian context. Ten MAP production facilities willing to start cultivating Stevia are visited through which technical meetings are conducted. Following the field visits, EMAP organized a comprehensive workshop for discussing the concluded technical details & sharing the recommended applications. The workshop was attended by over 20 MAP producers from Upper & Lower Egypt who admitted the benefits they acquire from the expert & show willingness to start producing Stevia according to the recommended applications. Following up steps & technical assistance activities are ongoing by EMAP field staff to support Stevia production in the field.