Linked to the main objective of the project aiming at upgrading the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) sector to increase the competitiveness of Egyptian products in international markets, the project embraces the idea of developing Research and Development (R&D) networks that link between research institutions and production facilities and offer appropriate scientific support. In addition, the programme will support scientific and research institutions with necessary tools for providing technology transfer and advisory services to sectoral business community.

General Framework

Developing an integral database that includes:

  • Identified current bottlenecks and technical challenges for all production and handling stages
  • A list of suggested research points to improve and upgrade both processes and products
  • A detailed list of specialized national and international scientific bodies, including researchers and research areas
  • Applied researches and technical reports that can be utilized in the development operations

Areas of R&D

  • Increasing productivity and improving quality through production stages
  • Improving post harvest practices and reducing losses
  • Upgrading practices and techniques of processing, handling, and packaging
  • Cleaner production, product safety, and traceability systems

Knowledge Management and Dissemination

  • Identifying R&D Themes: through ongoing interaction with relevant bodies during seminars, lectures, workshops, meetings, individual discussions, technical support activities, exhibitions, electronic communication and through project’s website
  • Introducing Research Topics: through the database linked to project’s website. Topics are introduced according to a pre-determined format that includes background, expected technical results, economic impact, and entities or sectors that can benefit from the research
  • Documenting Solutions and Research Outcomes: based on an identified template including scientific background, research methodology and presentation of results and solutions in an applicable way to full scale operations, in addition to a brief economic study for the proposed solution
  • Disseminating Acquired Knowledge: Research results are disseminated through project’s portal and presented during technical seminars, conferences, and workshops, and integrated into the technical assistance and training programmes implemented by the project

Expected Participation of Target Groups and Project Partners

  • Production and service entities provide accurate and precise presentation of problems, opportunities and challenges according to the identified templates, as well as providing means and facilities for necessary research and testing
  • Support from scientific and research institutes by embracing the proposed research topics. On the other hand, researchers are to follow the approved format/template of presenting results
  • Supporting the exchange of knowledge and experience with relevant stakeholders