Linked to the main objective of the project aiming at upgrading the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) sector to increase the competitiveness of Egyptian products in international markets, the goal of the Product Development Programme is to develop new products and add value to existing ones, in line with new demands in national and international markets.

Target Groups

  • Existing value chain members
  • Potential entrepreneurs
  • Research and scientific institutes

General Framework

A web portal is to be developed, containing:

  • Production methods of various products and identified value addition opportunities at each production stage
  • Required product development technologies and its sources
  • Preliminary feasibility studies for applying identified opportunities at industrial scale
  • Updated information on market opportunities

The portal content is updated by a specialized team and through cooperation with national and international research institutions and technology centers. Scientific competitions and training programmes offered to distinguished graduates and researchers will generate further product development knowledge.

Technical support activities for viable identified solutions are integrated within the Technical Assistance Programme.

Sources for Identifying Product Development Options

  • National and international researches and publications, and information acquired from international specialized exhibitions and market data
  • Development needs of enterprises, derived from interactions during meetings, individual discussions, technical support activities, as well as distance communication through internet and web portal
  • Accumulated knowledge of the project’s experts as well as the exchange of knowledge with national and international scientific and technology centers

Expected Participation of Target Groups and Project Partners

  • Communicating product development needs in a comprehensive and accurate way
  • Submitting technical and business studies according to the project guidelines
  • Supporting the exchange of acquired knowledge and experience with relevant stakeholders