In an attempt to highlight the significance of extending collaboration with the essential oils exporting market, EMAP organized a special meeting with the Key Egyptian essential oils exporters at “The Food Export Council” (FEC) on September 1, 2014.

The meeting drew a capacity crowd of the major six essential oils exporting companies, representing more than 90% of the total sector.

The purpose of the meeting was to agree with the attendees about a way to face their problems, address constraints in the supply chain of the essential oils sector, discuss the exporters needs to upgrade the Essential oils value chain and raise the sector’s Export, as well as to acquaint Egyptian exporters with the recent goals and strategies of EMAP towards enhancing the existence of this major sector in the
international market.

During the meeting the EMAP team further highlighted the significance of bridging communication channels among different groups of the sector, where main areas of collaborations might be explored and beneficial recommendations might be concurred. In addition, the meeting’s discussions covered a lot of dynamic topics, and the attendees expressed a genuine support towards the significance of the EMAP International event planned to take place by the end of the year 2015.

The discussions focused as well on the importance of specific technical assistance and interventions requested by each company as a diversified success pillar. Consequently, EMAP team has expressed their keenness of studying these requests to turn them into deliverable goals of their intervention program.