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Emap Events

EMAP Launch

The launching event of EMAP took place in Cairo, Egypt, during the period (16-17 November 2011). Alongside the launch, a validation workshop for introducing and discussing the establishment of Egyptian Quality Scheme for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants was conducted. The workshop was attended by distinguished group of participants representing national / international and governmental / non-governmental relevant organizations.

For materials and documentation see "Publications"

FI Europe & NI Fair

Food Ingredients (FI) Europe is a fair held once every two years to gather stakeholders in food ingredients industry from all over the world. The fair is known for the large number and diversification of participating companies including leading food & beverage suppliers, R&D, production and marketing specialists. It is also viewed as an opportunity to showcase new and innovative ingredients and services introduced in international markets. In line with FI Europe, Natural Ingredients (NI) is held to present natural ingredients used by every manufacturer or brand in food and beverage industry.


EMAP team has participated in FI Europe & NI Fair to promote for the project and get acquainted with new product development opportunities and ideas. Accordingly, a workshop has been organized at the Agricultural Export Council to introduce and discuss potential opportunities for product development.


For materials and documentation see: "Publications"

Business Development and Increasing Marketing Opportunities for Producers of MAP in Egypt

In collaboration with the Agricultural Export Council (AEC), EMAP organized a workshop on “Business Development and Increasing Marketing Opportunities for Producers of MAP in Egypt”, on 30th May 2012.  In the context of facilitating access to export markets

For materials and documentation see "Publications"

Interregional project to promote SME origin and export consortia

“In light of UNIDO’s export consortia project “Interregional project to promote SME origin and export consortia”, an awareness workshop took place on 12th September 2012 at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry. EMAP team participated in the event by delivering comprehensive presentation under the title “Introduction of Export and Origin Consortia Methodology”. The presentation provides critical information on key steps and rules of establishing SME’s alliances, as well as the practical experience of promoting export and origin consortia concepts in the MAP sector in Egypt. Attendees are governmental official representing different departments in the Ministry, representatives of export councils, chambers of industries, business promotion associations and private sector. The activity is significantly feeding in EMAP’s aim of raising awareness of and promoting for export consortia concept.”


Introduction on Export and Origin consortia methodology

FoodGate & FreshGate Egypt 2012

FoodGate & FreshGate Egypt 2012

The international trade show FoodGate & FreshGate Egypt 2012 will soon take place in Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt, 16-17 November 2012). This event is considered as a good opportunity for international buyers to connect with current or new Egyptian suppliers. 

For international buying companies:

The organizers, AEC (Agricultural Export Council) and FEC (Food Export Council), cover the cost for one representative of each international buying company visiting this event for the first time to be hosted in hotel accommodation (3 nights), airline ticket and transfers bases. 


For Egyptian companies:                                                                                                                               

For exhibiting or for more information on the event please contact the organizers through:  /

Kindly note that the deadline for receiving applications is 1st of November 2012. 

For further information and the application forms for Food-Fresh Gate, please check the link "Food-Fresh Gate"

Input suppliers training

Being critical part of the MAPs supply chain, input suppliers were targeted by EMAP through 2 comprehensive full day workshops in March 2013. The main theme of the workshops was integrated pest management and safe use of pesticides. Conducted in Bani-Suif and Minia governorates the 2 workshops was attended by over 80 participants and representatives of 6 inputs producers/importers. 

EMAP will be present at IFEAT

EMAP will be present in The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades “IFEAT” 2014 held in Rome from 21-25 September 2014 as IFEAT conference provides a perfect doing business atmosphere through the available services like meeting rooms and company booths.

IFEAT is a big specialized conference with more than 1000 attendees per year. IFEAT lasts for four days and include lectures/short courses, workshops, trade exhibition, business meetings, and study tour outcomes. Throughout the sessions multiple and specialized topics are covered including:

-        New technologies in the essential oils sectors (cultivation and processing);

-        New products;

-        Market trends and world production of specific products;

-        Specialized business reports;

-        IFEAT educational Programme;

-        Worldwide and countries political situation and its impact on the industry;

-        Country / regional experiences;

-        Regulatory and legislative issues; and

-        Outcomes of this year study tour as well as destination and program of the coming tour alongside the next IFEAT conference.

In addition, this year’s conference dedicates one session to “The Impact of the Arab Spring in North Africa and the Political Changes in Eastern Europe on the Essential Oils Industry” where one of the Egyptian delegations (Hussein Fakhry, A. Fakhry and Co.) is giving a lecture on “Egyptian essential oils under revolution”.


Nine Egyptian companies are representing the Egyptian delegation in IFEAT this year, with almost 22 participants.

A comprehensive National training program on Essential oils production

EMAP will organize a comprehensive National training program on Essential oils production covering the entire supply chain. The training encompasses basic members of the supply chain (growers, pre-processors & exporters) as well as knowledge agents to assure knowledge exchange after the project lifetime. This includes fresh graduates, extension officers, EMAP agronomists, national experts, etc.

The program will be designed mainly for the supply chain members: exporters, pre-processors and growers, while other groups will join certain/all training days as per their back ground/interest.

The training will cover several modules with practical applications through field visits and Observational Study Tours (OST). The modules include, but are not limited to:

-          Growing

-          Pre-processing

-          Processing

-          New production technologies in extraction and distillation

-          Quality and food safety

-          Domestic and international trade

-          Market trends and competitiveness

-          New market opportunities module (ideas for product development and value addition)

Country regulations module

Observational Study Tour for Large Scale Essential Oils Producers

For enhancing trade linkages with large essential oils market such as Switzerland, EMAP will organize an Observational study tour to Large essential oils producers who can deal with big International markets. Aim of the tour is to market the Egyptian essential oils sector as group of big producers, facilitate visits to big factories and support potential trade linkages. Targeting large exporters will increase the possibility of more Egyptian exports that will in turn increase the level of production where small and medium producers might be integrated. Collaboration with The Swiss Egyptian Business Association (SEBA) and The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is utilized in planning and organizing the tour.

Observational Study Tour for Small & Medium Scale Essential Oils Producers

EMAP will be organizing an Observational study tour (OST) on technologies of oil extraction and distillation targeting medium and small-scale producers to enrich their knowledge. Destination will be to an emerging market that has similarities with the Egyptian context in terms of crops, atmosphere and the level of technology that is financially and technically affordable to the Egyptian producers. Collaboration with the IFEAT will be established & utilized.

The observational study tour shall cover the following:

o   Technical information on production of selected Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAP) of the essential oils industry that fits the Egyptian context

o   Technical information on extraction and distillation of essential oils for small and medium producers through demonstration of distillation units and extraction techniques

o   Business windows with MAP value chain members in other countries, particularly essential oils producers

o   Viable partnerships with technical and specialized essential oils entities outside Egypt

In this framework, the OST shall take the participants through the entire process of essential oils production starting with the farm and ending at the final product. Accordingly, following activities shall be included:

o   Technical visits to production fields of selected MAPs used in the essential oils industry (similarity to the Egyptian products is to be tackled)

o   Technical visits to the extraction and distillation factories/units where the entire process of production is demonstrated

o   Meetings with production and export managers at the essential oils factories

o   Visits to producers organizations and relevant institutions including research, service and business organizations

o   Meetings with suppliers of equipment, tools, machinery and production lines relevant to the essential oil industry

o   Workshop and training sessions on production and processing of essential oils with focus on the appropriate technology according to the Egyptian context

Accordingly, the main target groups to be visited are:

o   Producers/Growers

o   Processors (factories, production units/ facilities)

o   Farmer associations

o   Collection centers


o   Producers organizations

FEC Meeting

On Monday, September 1, 2014 EMAP team met with the main Essential oils exporters at the Food Export Council (FEC). The meeting was attended by six large companies, representing 85-90% of the total Egyptian exports.

It was clarified that essential oils is one critical theme of EMAP’s activities during the coming period and this is why it is important to hear from the main players in the sector, the areas of collaboration they suggest/request. In fact, the meeting was dynamic and the companies showed willingness to collaborate and support future intervention.

The attendees agreed on the importance of the International event planned in 2015 and the participation in IFEAT 2014. In addition, EMAP team announced the upcoming Observational study tour to Switzerland due to take place in October 2014.



After the Meeting, EMAP team collected the specific technical assistance/intervention requested by each company in order to start activating the intervention program.